From July 2014

Fate – Part 1: My brother’s keeper / Life threatening steak

DSC_0902 - Version 2

Alternate title: Fate’s fickle fingers fumble for my throat – Part 1: I have no beef with you. So back to the second twist of fate I mentioned a post or so ago. Part 1 – June 30th while I’m still in Brazil This isn’t the twist, just it’s prelude. And you’ll perhaps think I’m losing …

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Murals / Art 2 (Brazil flashback)

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Although we’re back home there’s some items I’ll continue to post amongst the other flotsam and jetsam that strikes me as worth writing about. So another homage to Grace Jones but as it was near the small fishing port in Rio Vermelho, Salvador she has been transported to the mermaid world. They’ve also found Bigfoot …

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Oranje is the Colour and a slight Football Rant (Netherlands v Costa Rica – Game 8)

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The final game of our trip and a chance to see a team that started my wider exposure to football, different nationalities and their associated cultural heritage, Holland. I suspect the Netherlands is now more technically and politically correct but they’ll always be Holland to me and my reference point to how the beautiful game …

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Stunning Salvador – Sampler

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History, colour, life… that’s Salvador. Everything turned up a little louder. Our second world heritage site of the trip and it knocked Olinda into a cocked hat. Olinda shut at 6.00pm whereas Pelourinho and other suburbs were not even starting yet. So a quick homage as we travel later today and I’ll try do it …

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